Finished Bathrooms

Nothing nicer than a brand new bathroom remodel…

Finished Bathrooms are considered one ofthe most valuable assets to your home and on average can bring back up to 3 times the value of the project cost.

At State-Wide, we handle all stages of bathroom remodeling including tearout, framing, custom tile work, and design.

 5 Great reasons to do a bathroom remodel:

1) Increase your home’s value – Perhaps the greatest bathroom remodeling benefit is the increase in your home’s value.  While it would be wonderful to get every dollar back from your renovation project, Remodeling Magazine estimates that U.S. homeowners will get an average of 71 cents back from every dollar they spend on remodeling or updating their bathroom.  So not only will you get to enjoy all that goes with having a new bathroom, you’ll recoup a majority of your investment if you sell your home.  And since potential buyers place great importance on a remodeled bathroom, those homes tend to sell more quickly than houses with an older, outdated bathroom.

2) Fixing existing problems – If you have broken or loose tile, leaking shower/tub valves, or cabinets that are falling to pieces. Anything that is leaking water can lead to mold in your home, and that is something that you definitely do not want.

3) You need more storage space – Perhaps your family has increased in size, or just your supply of linens and toiletries has. Either way, if your bathroom is overflowing with people or products, it’s time to redesign. Whether the bathroom requires the quick addition of a few cabinets or a complete bath remodel, the end result will be a more comfortable space that cuts down on clutter and gives every family member more convenience and privacy.

4) Creating your own personal escape – Nothing can be more relaxing or soothing than some quality time spent in your custom built shower or bath tub. Creating soothing lighting with warm colors can also be a great way to relax as you get ready for your day, or as you unwind from a busy day at the office or a hectic day with the kids.

5) You simply want a change. Sometimes the best reason to remodel your bathroom is because you aren’t happy with its current look. Perhaps you have redesigned other areas of your house and the bathroom doesn’t fit the color scheme anymore. Or maybe you want to incorporate a rustic or beachfront theme throughout every corner of your home. Regardless of the reasons, choosing a bath remodel is as simple as deciding to try something fresh and new.