Custom Decks

What are the different deck and fence materials used?

  • Treated Pine
    Pine that has been treated is structurally superior, and resistant to decay and termites. Pressure treatment allows protective ingredients to penetrate deeply into the heart of the wood. Treated pine is a popular material because it is the least expensive, while maintaining a decent appearance.
  • Cedar
    Cedar wood is a good choice for construction of outdoor decks and stairs. Cedar naturally resists decay, is light in weight, easy to work with, and fits the majority of architectural styles. Cedar holds up well in constant exposure to the sun, though if not stained every 2-3 years, it will begin to gray. However, it is less prone to cracking and splintering like treated pine decks.
  • Composite
    Made by combining cedar wood fiber and recycled material, composite decks are appreciated for their appearance and low maintenance. Composite material is more resistant to moisture and less prone to bending and warping. A composite deck is very durable, is as easy to install and looks very similar to regular wood, but requires minimal maintenance. Composite is becoming a popular material choice because of its low maintenance requirements; however, it is more expensive than other materials.
  • Vinyl
    Originally designed for marine docks, vinyl decks are another popular option for residential decking because of their durability, appearance, and low maintenance. Vinyl provides a wide variety of colors, and is easily kept looking new for many years.